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We have over 30 years of combined experience in hospitality and retail operations management, theatrical production, product development, sales and communication, executive level talent management and organizational effectiveness. We work with the best!

Our Approach

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You know when you're having challenges creating a high-performance culture? We help with that! Together, let's develop a management team of influencers who are both leaders who inspire people and managers who effectively manage process excellence. Both are required for mission accomplishment and profitability.

Do you feel that you or the team needs to work smarter instead of harder - that there's just not enough time to do everything? We help you prioritize what really matters, what brings you the highest return. 

You know that thing called "Change?" Are you or your team stuck in the status quo - in the comfort zone instead of the end zone? We help you and your team discover new ways of thinking and challenge limiting beliefs in order to personally and professionally grow into their highest potential - to be, have and do more. 

Do you just need better results, more sales, increased influence? We help you equip yourself and your team to connect, collaborate, innovate and influence others to "sell more" - ideas, products or services.

The job of a leader is to set direction and establish reality, inspire people to follow that direction, and provide the resources necessary to grow people, products, and profits.

Why Us?

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Because we've been there! From C-Suite to backstage we have a broad background in multiple levels of Leadership Development.

We are passionate coaches and trainers with a purpose of serving you and your goals. We are extraordinarily committed to helping you unlock your potential, thereby creating a business (and life) of your dreams. We are a small company with big ideas. To serve you at our best, we take on only a handful of select clients at any given time. 

Also, as John Maxwell Team Executive Directors, we have John's timeless leadership principles at our fingertips for your organization. After all, leadership is influence - nothing more and nothing less.

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Anita Dahlstrom, CEO and Founder, Possible Conversations

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With over 30 years of experience in hospitality and retail operations multi-unit management, human resources, organizational effectiveness and talent management, Anita's work has spanned a broad spectrum of industries, including Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurial family-owned businesses, and non-profit organizations. 

She led both support center and front-line talent management programs and teams as a senior HR leader, working with and as part of the executive team to create programs focused on leadership effectiveness. She created leadership competency-based models serving as the foundation for the talent management processes of multiple brands in hospitality and retail. 

Anita created Possible Conversations in 2015, a Talent Management and Leadership Development company, based in Jacksonville and working world-wide. She certified with the International Coaches Federation and later partnered with the world's leading leadership coaching, training and speaking organization, The John Maxwell Team, serving as an Executive Director with access to Dr. Maxwell's world-renowned leadership programs. 

As a certified practitioner of multiple leadership and emotional intelligence assessment tools, Anita partners with individuals, teams and organizations to provide comprehensive, assessment-based Coaching and Leadership Development  focused on personal leadership growth and alignment with strategic business objectives and cultural fit. She also customizes and facilitates talent reviews, succession planning, culture transformation, and change management with a handful of select clients.

Anita's signature direct yet approachable style works well with a broad range of leaders from the C-Suite to front-line managers as they build sustaining results for their organization. And have fun doing so!

Her experience is enriched by an MBA with a focus on Organizational Leadership from the top-rated Crummer School of Business, Rollins College, Orlando, Florida.


Bruce Lehnus, COO, Possible Conversations

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Bruce has worked with and developed talented creative and technical leaders in one of the most grueling teamwork-oriented professions out there: Theatre and Event Production. You may not think about it when you go to see a show, but the two to three hours you see on stage are the culmination of hundreds and thousands of hours of collaboration between different trades and different personalities (and maybe a few egos too!).

In order for the show to go on (which it must), Leadership, Communication, and Teamwork are essential. 

After 20+ years working in live production as a Master Electrician and Lighting Designer on everything from Opera to Ozzy Osborne, Bruce transitioned from working backstage into sales of stage equipment.  He  quickly learned that communicating with clients was not enough – you have to connect with them to be successful in influencing buying decisions and long-term relationship building, crucial to filling the sales pipeline in a highly competitive and rapidly changing industry. 

He quickly rose to become the top producing salesperson within his organization. Bruce later took his sales and stage experience and joined the largest manufacturer of entertainment lighting in the world where he became the Product Manager tasked with the development of lighting controllers. Sales, manufacturing, marketing, software and hardware design. Bruce worked with all of these teams to create new products that answered market demands, exceeded expectations, were financially viable and became industry standards. 

His experience is complemented with a Bachelor's Degree in Acting from Wichita State University and graduate studies including being a Teaching Assistant at the University of Texas-Austin Masters in Lighting Design program. 

He taught students in the art and science of stagecraft at the State University of New York at Purchase for 4+ years. 

He's trained designers, salespeople and technicians from all parts of the globe in new product implementation, service and protocols.

In 2015, he joined his wife in the creation of their own leadership development company, Possible Conversations, where he serves as Chief Operating Officer with a creative focus on sales, DISC assessments, communication, and the building of leadership influence.

As an Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team and having worked with teams from Broadway to the Royal Opera House, from Disney to your local high school, Bruce is now ready to bring a lifetime of collaborative team leadership development to you and your teams. 

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