Client Insights Consultant at IRI

October 4, 2018, Christine was a client of Anita’s

I didn't realize how much impact Anita had on me initially, but over time the value of her coaching has really emerged. First, I am in a new role that I am really excited about, and I would not be here if I hadn't taken the time to consider where I want to be, why I deserve to be there, and how I was going to make it happen. Anita found a great balance of listening, encouraging, and challenging as we worked through the exercises. Moving forward, I've already identified the kind of role I want my next move to be, and I'm working on the steps I need to go through to get there. I cannot thank Anita enough for her coaching over the past 6 months!

Sr. Member Development Manager at GMDC
October 2, 2018, Vickii was a client of Anita’s
I just wanted to share a quick shout out to thank Anita for a job well done. I’m glad I decided to work with Anita. It’s great to have a coach that understands me and my goals. She has helped me to accomplish a new outlook on my job, relationships with my team and goals for my future.

I would love to recommend her and her company to anyone who wants a business and leadership coach in the future.

Keep up the great work Anita!


►Global Sales Leader ►Sparking Innovation & Creativity ►Leveraging Entrepreneurial Spirit to Revamp People & Processes

March 12, 2018, Mara was a client of Anita’s

My work with Anita has been incredibly inspiring and has helped me to be a better leader and strategic thinker. Anita has a way of taking your thoughts and re-framing them for you that creates unbelievable awareness and visibility into opportunities for growth. I have learned more about myself in a year of working with Anita than I would have ever thought possible. My work with her is interesting, rewarding, and it makes me stronger every step of the way. Every session brings new insight and a sense of possibility. I would recommend her as a coach for any executive looking to evolve and grow. She's phenomenal.


Area Director, HR Product Line Sales, Americas South/LATAM at ServiceNow

March 12, 2018, Michele was a client of Anita’s

Anita is an insightful, empathetic leadership coach that challenges me and provides me new ways of thinking. Her work has helped me evolve into a better leader, with many tools to help support my team while expanding my professional capabilities. I highly recommend Anita if you are at a place in your career where you need guidance and a friendly push.


Physician and Advanced Practice Provider Recruitment

February 3, 2018, Ryan was a client of Anita’s

I've had the privilege of knowing Anita for the last 8 years, where she has been a trusted mentor, friend, and coach in my professional and personal journey. Anita played a critical role in my development from retail operations manager to senior HR leader within Bi-Lo Holdings, in challenging myself to continue my eduction and obtain a MBA, and in pursuing my passion to explore entrepreneurship. Her advice, counsel, and commitment to helping others achieve their dreams is first class in every sense. Any leader looking to explore their true potential would be well served to work with Anita.


Licensed Business Broker Agent at Crespo Business Brokers Inc / Crespo Associates Realty

October 15, 2017, David was a client of Anita’s

I really enjoyed my time working with Anita. She was helping me with career counseling and honestly, she was right on point with her assessments. She knew exactly what I needed and how to remedy the issues I was having. I would most definitely recommend Anita for Coaching. She is kind and courteous while being extremely professional and direct. She is an amazing resource to have in your network. Thank you Anita!

Dr. Phenessa 

Creative Coach ♦ Abstract Artist ♦ Inspirational Author ♦ Social+Emotional Intelligence Expert ♦ World Changer

October 9, 2017, Dr. Phenessa worked with Anita but at different companies

I've worked with Anita on several projects/workshops and her professionalism and knowledge in leadership and emotional intelligence is impeccable. She's a joy to work with and continues to provide coaching and mentoring strategies for optimal professional and personal growth. If you want to experience organizational and personnel effectiveness, I would recommend her services.


Senior Leader- Contact Center and Customer Care Operations

August 3, 2017, Lea was a client of Anita’s

Anita is an outstanding coach! I have had the opportunity to work with her one on one and also in a group setting. In both cases she was extremely professional and effective. She has an outstanding ability to listen and help guide you to leadership solutions. She never"tells" you how to be a good leader, she teaches and leads you to having a better understanding of how to enhance your skills. I strongly recommend Anita as a personal coach or as a facilitator of corporate teams.


Realtor at Ancient City Real Estate

January 31, 2017, Zach was a client of Anita’s

Anita is very prepared professional and a sharp listener. When we talk she is able to get a good perspective of my situation and where to direct me from there. I can tell she is very detail oriented and a tremendously useful resource to have when trying to figure out where you are in your life/career.


Senior FP&A, Strategy and Supply Chain Executive

November 2, 2016, Ray worked with Anita in different groups

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Anita both as a corporate executive and as an executive coach. Anita has the unique ability to quickly diagnose and evaluate an organization and bring focus on the core issues. With her extensive cross-functional background, she can effectively collaborate with any management group to find the right solutions to overcome any challenge. She is incredibly skilled at getting things done in difficult environments. She is a team player, extremely devoted to solving problems and always does what she says she will.


Owner at Encore Title Services, LLC

July 2, 2016, Jim was a client of Anita’s

Being, mostly, a practical, material, return-on-investment, kind of guy, I often look askance at the idea of coaching, counseling, structured introspection, and the like. I always look for the end result, value, especially when choosing to spend my time and energy, which is in demand and pulled in a hundred different directions. 

That said, I can't recommend Anita Dahlstrom highly enough. I have seen actual, measurable, results from our time spent together one-on-one, and as part of a Mastermind Group that Anita facilitated. Her affirming and challenging nature has led me to make new discoveries about myself, my business practices, my management style, and even my daily life. Those insights have produced positive growth, better work experiences, increased customer base, and therefore increased revenue.

Do yourself a favor and reach out to her. It can be life-changing.

Bill Brim

Director Of Development

December 8, 2015, Bill was a client of Anita’s

It has been an absolute delight to work with Anita. Her expertise and methodical approach enabled her to lead the effort to develop Mission, Vision and Core Values that accurately reflect Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida. In a short period of time, her hands-on coaching approach empowered us to clearly articulate who we are today and visualize who we want to be in the future. She facilitated the effort to develop core values to guide LSS’s decision-making and brand evolution. Her practical recommendations were vital to the successful implementation of the Mission, Vision and Values. It’s gratifying to see the organization embrace these ideas. I am very excited about LSS’ future. 

Dr. Patricia

Coaching Women Leaders● Emotional Intelligence Speaker● Teams & Conflict ● HR Leadership Advisor

February 21, 2016, Dr. Patricia (Pat) worked with Anita but at different companies

It’s rare that you come across a Ieader-coach as committed to your success as Anita. I had never worked for her but as soon as we met, I just knew I had to get on her team! Few people have the opportunity to work for a leader who is as bright, insightful and values talent as much as she does. When you work with her, you are in the company of someone who is generous with her time, energy, praise and believes in you.


Director at Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)

January 29, 2016, Terry was senior to Anita but didn’t manage directly

As a Director serving on the Compensation/Organizational Development Committee of the Winn-Dixie Board of Directors, I received many briefings from Anita over a several year period. In virtually every case, I found her to be thoughtful, well informed, strategic in her thinking, candid and resourceful. She was a highly valued Senior Executive, and contributed greatly to the positive evolution of the business.

R. Joshua 

Marketing Executive with Passion for Retail

January 18, 2016, R. Joshua worked with Anita but at different companies

I've had the opportunity of knowing Anita for the last five years. From the time I first met her, I immediately understood her dynamic approach to talent management. Since that time, I've reached out to Anita on several occasions for career coaching and guidance. She listens, She's wise. And, she provides thoughtful insight.


Supply Chain / Purchasing & Analytics/Darden Restaurants

August 19, 2015, Debby was a client of Anita’s

Anita has been an excellent mentor and coach to me for several years. Her ability to assess a situation and provide valued insights has enable me to become a stronger leader and achieve success in my career. Her broad business knowledge and ranges of experiences enable Anita to provide in-depth perspective which challenges me to elevate my strategic thinking, executive presence and leadership style. I highly recommend Anita as a coach, consultant and business professional.

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